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From the beggar on the street – to the mother searching for food for her family - from the girl tripping happily through the clothing store - to the guy posing at the bar ordering more. Grocers, bakers, market traders – making more – selling more – buying more and more and more!

But it is a nightmare now. The cost of fuelthe cost of foodjob insecurityfinancial insecuritywar and riotsis this the future for our children?

There have never been so many people on earth, to share in the success or failure of twenty centuries of ‘progress’ – so why is it all collapsing around our ears? There is only one Earth, but we are exceeding its resources to extinction

Silent Spring’- ‘‘Limits to Growth’ – ‘‘Small is Beautiful’ all warned the world to turn away from the path of mindless consumption to a sustainable path, forecasting that otherwise there would be economic collapse leading to poverty and population collapse. The 1973 OPEC oil embargo gave a foretaste of this.


Continuing exponential growth in consumption of non-renewable resources and the pollution of finite Planet Earth, on which we all depend has now led to inflation in all costs and a collapse in the world economy.


SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is the answer to the depletion of non-renewable resources through the conservation and recycling of non-renewable resources – and the development of a regenerative economy of recycling of ambient renewable resources of sun, water, wind and earth through biological reproduction and continuous energy transfers.


ALL THE TECHNOLOGIES FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE ARE KNOWN, and in everyday use in food production and processing, refrigerators, air conditioning, aircraft, submarines, industrial processes, and SPACESTATIONS.


The cost of continued resource depletion and environmental degradation is certain extinction of civilized life on earth and far outweighs the cost of creating a permanently sustainable lifestyle in harmony with ambient natural processes.

CO-OPERATIVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IS THE DREAM OF THE FUTURE to be achieved by joining the dots and replacing the use of non- renewable with ambient resources, controlled by the people for the people.

A necessary condition for the use of ambient resources is a symbiotic relationship between the production and use of products and services in a locality – the historic village inter relationship – the basis of the co-operative movement – and now simulated in some industrial towns like Kalundborg in Denmark.

Perhaps nature’s example it that of the beehive and its colony working for the good and survival of all. It is no accident that busy Manchester’s symbol is the bee and Manchester is home of the development of cooperative movement.


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