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ECOZEST has been established to help all those concerned with sustainable development to work together to achieve a sustainable future.

ECOZEST provides this website to facilitate access to information on everything relevant to sustainable development.

ECOZEST provides within the website facilities for your to search for literature, products, services, manufacturers, designers, consultants, installers and contractors dedicated to sustainable development.

ECOZEST brings you news, reviews, literature and films on all matters relevant to sustainable development ˆ climate, change, global warming, world happenings, national and international government policy, energy supplies, alternative energy installations, carbon dioxide emissions, carbon trading, solar heating, photovoltaics, biofuels, hydrogen, power cells, insulation, combined heat and power, ambient energy installations, wind power, water power, geothermal heating, zero energy developments, etc,etc.

ECOZEST brings together a group of companies dedicated to the provision of design expertise, products and installation services to create complete zero carbon installations on existing developments and for new developments. The group members will work together to provide a coordinated service that achieves the optimum performance from the interactive combination of their products to give most cost effective investments ˆ including the financing of the installations and ongoing monitoring and maintenance where appropriate.


ECOZEST Sustainable Development
Berthen Gron, Pentrecelyn, nr Ruthin, Denbighshire LL15 2HU

Tel. 01978 790 457

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