The international share of the responsibility for and the action against unrestrained population growth, non-renewable resource depletion, environmental pollution and consequent food, water and resource destruction all necessitate international action and agreement. There are no boundaries in these matters, the world is now totally interdependent, and it is really a matter of international agreement or a world at war that is at stake.

The G8, OPEC, the EU, the USA, China, India the Pacific rim, Africa, South America ? all are now competing for the remaining non-renewable resources of fuel, raw materials and food. The Third World War is the trade war between these competing factions ? and it is not winnable by them all. If sustainable development has any meaning at all, it is at the macro level of mutual survival.

The Kyoto agreement is one of the testing grounds for how the world can agree to sustainably harvest and share global resources. The shame is that those who should be leading in this struggle are so far failing to take a lead and are instead embarking on unsustainable self protection rackets.

Hopefully reason and wisdom will prevail and, perhaps through the United Nations or a more enlightened G8, an international policy on sustainable development will emerge.