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The cost of non-sustainable development is extinction of those species dependent on the very delicate balance in environmental conditions for existence.

Humans and all warm blooded creatures can only survive in a very narrow range of temperature and humidity – those of most of the earths current climate and artificially controlled climates to simulate it.

The climatic changes threatened by the increase in the  ‘greenhouse gasses’ causing excessive global warming or cooling could only be survived by artificially created contained climates – as are already created in submarines and spacecraft.

The mass extinctions of life on earth in the past were only survived by tiny populations of creatures adapted to living in rarefied conditions in the first place – before humans existed.

Global warming is therefore the potential extinction process of the human and all mammalian life on earth. That is the price that current world leaders are asking the people of the future to pay to maintain present standards of living.

By comparison a sustainable future could be achieved through the application of known technologies to provide sustainable living conditions at no gross cost by the husbanding and harvesting of free ambient natural resources – but at the cost of ceasing the profiting of the few from their exploitation of their claims to ownership of non-renewable resources and their failure to pay for the environmental degradation caused by the extraction and use of those resources.

The limits to the economy dependent on that system have now been passed – as testified by the exponentially rising prices demanded for non-renewable resources – whilst the cost of the technologies of sustainable developments are already tumbling with increasing improvements in production and application.

The cost of sustainable development is now what we are willing to pay for existential survival and must be paid.

The duty of world leaders is to ensure that the cost is paid – before it is too late.

The savings from sustainable development multiply as exponentially as the cost of non- sustainable development rises – and will ultimately pay off any cost. The sooner the investment is made the greater will be the rewards.

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