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Whilst the UK states that it supports, and contributes to, the $100 billion a year to the `Green Climate Fund, it is at the same time proposing extending dependence on fossil fuels.
Who is going to hold the UK government Secretary of State to account for neglecting his mandatory duty, under the Climate Change Act 2008, to reduce global warming emissions when he announces a decision to frack for gas and build gas fired power stations,
This will extend economic dependence on burning fossil fuels and divert investment from ‘zero carbon’ alternatives of energy conservation and harnessing alternative energy resources

This is a crime against future generations for which the Secretary of State should be held to account ?
ince carbon dioxide in the upper atmosphere has already exceeded the deemed safe limit of 350 part per million – 400ppm being recorded in the Northern hemisphere this year – all further projects dependent on fossil fuels are tombstones for future generations.
If politicians fail to pledge to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels they will be responsible for the demise of humankind, which will be punctuated by loss of life and property through floods, famines, destructive storms and rising sea levels.
Doha is the last chance for politicians to take on their responsibilities to there present constituents and to future generations. Let us hope they are courageous enough to take the essential decisions to free the world economy of dependence on burning fossil fuels’

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