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Like the captain of the Titanic, world leaders still press ahead with their ambitions for economic growth, ignoring the black holes of global warming and depletion of non-renewable resources.

The illuminating headlines in the ‘I’ - ‘America feels the force of ‘Frankenstorm’ followed by - ‘America counts the cost of Sandy’ – and the next front page, showing New York ablaze with lights beyond its blackened core, with the announcement ‘Out of the Darkness’ – and little mention of global warming from either contestant for the Presidency of America.

The world superpowers leaders measure the success of their policies in terms of who can achieve the greatest economic growth – with apparently no thought of that growth being directly linked with the burning of fossil fuels – increasing Global Warming Gases in the upper atmosphere well beyond the utimate safe limit of 350 parts per million, (in Oct 2012 topping 391ppm and rising).

The ship has been holed and is sinking, but the passengers continue to spin the roulette wheel, drink the Champaign and dance to the music to raise their spirits – and even the captains appear to be ignoring the rising water.

The time has run out to save the ship – and there are no lifeboats or other ships around for recue.

A reduction in GWG has not even started, all current buildings, infrastructure, services and transport are like tombstones to the age of the Industrial Revolution – and yet most aspire to achieve ‘growth’ through the same means that presages ultimate disaster – in our lifetime – leaving nothing for our children to inherit.

The task of reversing is mathematically impossible – everything we have come to rely on, which has taken centuries to create, needs to be replaced with ‘zero carbon’ versions within the next thirty years.

The only hope is to create some spaceships on earth that a few may continue life in when the rest of us have been eliminated by natural selection as unfit to survive.   

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