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We should not forget that one and three quarter million died in the two world wars so that we may be able to live, and grow old, in peace and happiness.

We should make sure that their sacrifice was not in vain, by facing the worldwide threat - even more destructive as war -from the destruction of the environment, global warming and the depletion of vital non-renewable resources which have already started to cause loss of species, flood, famine and extreme storm damage.

All our intelligence and craft needs to be harnessed to bring the technologies to ensure that all people share in a peaceful age of sustainable development, harnessing the free energy resources all around us, and recycling non-renewable resources. 

Economies based on the exploitation of scarcity of resources only benefit the few at the expense of the majority - as is now being demonstrated by the rising cost of living and reduction in profitability - and in war over access to depleting resources.

The technologies for the exploitation of the ubiquitous forces of nature - the shining sun, the blowing wind, the flows, waves and tides of water, and the heat in the ground, air and water are all well developed. These have been neglected in favour of the energy from fossil fuels which powered the Industrial Revolution. That was before any limit was discerned of the availability of fossil fuels, or the deadly damage caused by the emissions of burning them.

If there is to be a new sustainable industrial revolution, the remains of that fossilized carbon is far too precious to burn. That is the resource for the creation of the machines and services for sustainable development. Not swords into ploughshares, but combustion engines into windmills and solar panels.

The other lesson that we must also learn is to stop wasting energy so fruitlessly - as much as 80% of energy which we won so easily from fossil fuels was allowed to go to waste, and just learning to conserve energy already won, would reduce the demand well within the rate of supply from sustainable alternative energy resources.

Let the 21st Century be that of a change in respect of the planet and our own future on it, in remembrance of those who died so we should live in peace and happiness. 

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